Photo: Jen Squires

Lee Harvey Osmond – “Oh the Gods – Where Our Hearts Remain” (video) (premiere)

Acid folk artist Lee Harvey Osmond returns with his third album Beautiful Scars and has a new video to share.

Acid folk musician Tom Wilson has created a number of albums under his Lee Harvey Osmond moniker and the latest, Beautiful Scars, is set for a March 25th US release, following its release in Canada last year. Beautiful Scars has already won numerous accolades and it’s just been announced that Wilson is up for a Juno award in the Contemporary Roots Album of the Year category. The album should find a lot of American success based on the “Oh the Gods – Where Our Hearts Remain”, which features dark, haunting grooves blended with low, raspy, whispery vocals that recall Alabama 3 at their very best. It’s a soulful, memorable song that “keeps burning in your head”.

Wilson tells PopMatters that “[he’s] never known God to come by and sooth me, pacify me or pat me on the head — sometimes God has simply had to kick me in the ass. ‘Oh the Gods’, are the thoughts that come from where my heart remains — the empty apartments, the cleaned out closets, the ticking clocks and most of all the burning beds. ‘Oh the Gods’ waits with me — waiting for true love to return, the place I listen for your feet on the stairs and the moment that I think it’s too late… And there’s nothing worse than too late..”

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