Lesley Kernochan: A Calm Sun

Kernochan puts new and old Americana influences into a blender on her national debut.

Lesley Kernochan

A Calm Sun

Label: Maple Syrup
US Release Date: 2017-05-19
UK Release Date: 2017-05-19

Housing a collective of influences ranging over rock’n’roll, R&B, folk, country and blues, the Americana scene has always been respected for its amalgam of sounds. Like any genre that finds its way into the mainstream, its influences have only widened and the internal makeup of Americana has broadened as a result. Much like the characteristic spirit of the country it represents, it’s become more of a melting pot as time has gone by.

Lesley Kernochan proves as much, bringing listeners into a French café on the warm and sprightly “Les petit mondes sont partous”. The opener on her latest record, A Calm Sun, it encapsulates the laidback vibe of the collective work in a singular track. However, on the rest of the record, she effortlessly incorporates traditional elements of Americana into her works alongside more soulful influences. She casts herself in a place delicately between the soundscape of Kacey Musgraves and Norah Jones -- studied and soft-spoken, yet rollicking. Altogether, Kernochan makes a compelling case on her national debut.

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