When the Native Becomes the Alien Is at the Heart of Light FM's "Tourist" (premiere)

Photo: Jim Newberry / Courtesy of Fanatic Promotion

Producer and engineer Josiah Mazzasch celebrates 20 years of his dream pop project Light FM on new EP, Tourist, and shares the title single.

Los Angeles-based record producer and engineer Josiah Mazzaschi (Jesus and Mary Chain, Built to Spill) celebrates 20 years of his bedroom dream pop project Light FM with the Tourist EP on 15 November. Mazzaschi has just issued the titular tune as a single.

With buzzing guitars, angelic vocals and choruses that rise to majestic heights, the single bodes well for the longer releases. Speaking to contemporary frustrations about gentrification and becoming an alien in the place you've long called home, Mazzaschi has tapped into the zeitgeist sans apology.

Lately it's been tough being American," he says. "We're the laughingstock of the world. This song kinda identifies with not feeling like you belong."

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