Lights on Moscow Emerge As a Duo to Watch with "Like Lovers Often Will" (premiere)

Lights on Moscow is the duo of Justin Lockey (Editors/Minor Victories/Mastersystem) and Hazel Wilde (Lanterns on the Lake) and their new single "Like Lovers Often Will" shows this art rock group shooting for the stars.

English dream pop/art rock duo Lights on Moscow is the work of Justin Lockey (Editors/Minor Victories/Mastersystem) and Hazel Wilde (Lanterns on the Lake). "Like Lovers Often Will" is a perfect introduction to the group as the song draws you in slowly and calmly with gentle ambient waves of synths before bursting out into shoegazey, hazy, waves of crunchy guitar and dreamy vocals from Wilde. The song is mesmerizing, memorable, and feels like a serious statement of intent as their sound is wide-open enough to allow for a large creative palette. The duo tells PopMatters that "'Like Lovers Often Will' is an out and out romantic wall of sound shot straight from the heart."

Lockey (who is often noted for his work in Editors) and Wilde (who has released three albums with Lanterns on the Lake) recorded their debut EP Lights on Moscow some years ago when the two of them were both living in Newcastle. "It's strange how the timing of something can make a difference. We always knew it was something we'd come back to. And now we have," says Wilde.

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