Lili N - "One" (audio) (premiere)

The young Italian artist steps out of the movie business and into music without missing a beat.

Italian singer-songwriter Lili N has a fascinating back story. From the age of five she was a voice-over actress, serving as the Italian voice of such movie characters as Cindy Lou Who, Lilo, and Chronicles of Narnia's Lucy. After working extensively in the movie industry -- she and her mother were Danny Devito's dubbing coaches for The Lorax -- she has since enrolled in the Beklee College of Music and is now set to release her steamy new R&B single "One". Color us impressed.

"I heard the beat and I immediately had this image of angels cleaning up the streets," she explains. "It almost seemed like a dream in that moment and all I did was follow what I pictured as the track kept playing. Then everything developed into love, which is a constant when I'm the one writing, and it went on to depict a relationship where one of the two involved is not as involved as the other person. I think it's also a song about balance, to every reaction there is pause, and to every sound there is a silence."

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