Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Lillian Frances’ “Raincheck Summer” Is an Alt-Pop Quarantine Anthem (premiere)

Alternative pop's Lillian Frances crafts a delectably nostalgic summertime soundscape with her latest single, "Raincheck Summer".

Lillian Frances’ “Raincheck Summer” is a provocative menagerie of sound. She prides herself in crafting captivating sonic landscapes from out of the offbeat and unsuspecting. Here, it’s rooted in the intrinsic sensuality that evokes from her meshing of lilting cellos met by undulating electronic beats unearthed from an 808. Layers of Frances’ sultry vocals top off the tune with her own intrinsic stamp, marking another evocative number that begets typical genre restrictions for the artist.

“Raincheck Summer” is described by Frances as a song that “explores the idea of authentic connection.” She goes on to say, “‘It was a raincheck summer, let’s hang out soon never.’ These words ring truer now than the day I wrote them, making ‘Raincheck Summer’ one of the most oddly appropriate summer quarantine songs.”

Frances’ newest single, “Raincheck Summer” releases everywhere today (8 May). It is available to purchase via Frances’ Bandcamp and is also available to stream via Spotify. A music video is set to drop at 10am PST/1pm EST today via YouTube. The film was directed by Frances, while it was shot and edited by Zeroscope. “Raincheck Summer” also features cellist Natalie Hagwood and guitarist Erik Maroney. It was mastered by Garrett Bevins.

“Raincheck Summer” will feature on Frances’ upcoming debut album, Moonrise Queendom. It’s set to release on 5 June.