Lillie Lemon – “California Drifting” (audio) (premiere)

For such a charming electropop track, a whole lot of fear and dread fuelled its composition.

Originally an acoustic project, the Monterey, California duo of Lillie Lemon and Erica Wobbles decided to focus on a more electropop-oriented sound, which resulted in the album /brāk/, which came out early this year. They have a new EP called Aether in the works, and they’ve just released one of its tracks, “California Drifting”, as a new single, which you can hear below.

“This track was inspired by my innate fear of earthquakes,” says Wisconsin native Lemon. “Long before I lived in California, earthquakes and tsunamis were a part of the undercurrent of my mind, my fear only existing in dreams. For this track, we sampled some true deep-sea earthquake recordings of an earthquake, sounds which are reflected in the timbales and other percussion.”