Lilliput - "Turn It Around" (video) (premiere)

Grace meets grime on the UK band's new video.

Sunderland, England pop rock band Lilliput are set to release their new single "Turn It Around" on 30 October, but in the meantime you can watch the North American premiere of the absolutely charming video for the track below. Shot in Newcastle's train station, the oldest train station in the world, it's a wonderful juxtaposition of grace amidst industrial dankness, which in turn makes the warmth of the band's song pop out even more.

“Turn It Around is a new style of song for us," the band says. "It’s got that city sound. I like that it could relate to so many places in the world. For us it’s Sunderland but that’s only because we live here. I like to think it could be about New York or London just the same. We spend a lot of time in the centre of town working and practising/recording and I wanted to write about these day to day experiences I have. Sunderland is home for us and it’s nice but it’s also a hard place to live for a lot of people. That’s something I hope we translate in our music. The song is filled with sadness, empathy and angst”.

“It plays on the juxtaposition of a worker with another side to his life. One he might never show. We come from an industry town. All our families worked in ship building, steel works, coal mines and the likes so in a way the video’s a nod to that too.”

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