Lindsay Latimer - "Prom Queens" (audio) (premiere)

Photo: Mika Matin

Lindsay Latimer blends a range of influences into an unsuspecting pop anthem package.

Nashville's Lindsay Latimer is a singer-songwriter who defies genre. While "Prom Queens" mostly sounds like an electropop dream, the artist's lilting vocals dance across subtle jazz and rock influences.

You can hear it in the song's undertones, coming about in unexpected forms that paint Latimer as a composer capable of melding sound in the same way artists like Justin Vernon or Sufjan Stevens would. Then, she wraps it in an unsuspecting pop package and produces a result like this one.

It's all quite the earworm and one that comes with an empowering message as well.

“Being voted prom queen in high school was a joy. However, all the while, quite puzzling for me," Latimer says.

"I struggled a lot with feeling left out in high school. I think many of us do; it’s a fragile season. This is my anthem to all those who feel left out, in whatever scene, even those who you might expect to feel it the least, if ever at all. Like a prom queen.”

"Prom Queens" is the first single from off of Latimer's forthcoming sophomore EP, Teenage Lullaby, which is set to release on 20 October.

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