Photo courtesy of the artist

Lindsay White Debuts Her Feminist Anthem, “Let Love Lead the Way” (premiere)

Written after being invited to the 2019 San Diego Women's March, Lindsay White brings positive action to her calls for equality in the form of a new feminist anthem.

It’s been quite the past couple of years for San Diego singer-songwriter Lindsay White since PopMatters premiered her previous album, Lights Out. Since her time in the Lovebirds, White has carved out a respectable and rising solo career, carried onward by powerful releases like her new single, “Let Love Lead the Way”. Whereas she made waves for being frank about grief towards life’s lowest lows throughout Lights Out, “Let Love Lead the Way” is as different a song as it sounds for the artist. A feminist anthem in every sense, White leads the charge for a positive movement for true equality in an inspiriting song. Its accompanying music video furthers the inspiring nature of White’s latest, featuring a barrage of women singing alongside her in-studio as the track is being cut.

White tells PopMatters, “I wrote ‘Let Love Lead the Way’ after being invited to sing at the 2019 Women’s March San Diego. I have plenty of songs steeped in rage toward our current state of affairs, but I wanted to channel my anger and frustration into something more positive and action-oriented. Women are so strong and so powerful; there’s no way we will just sit back and let our future and our choices be determined by those in power who clearly do not have our best interests in mind. Instead, I believe in coming together and creating the world we want to live in, where all decisions, personal and political, are based in the love we have for ourselves, for each other, and for those who do not enjoy the same privileges we have. The kind of love I’m singing about is not passive and meek. It’s a colorful, powerful, unstoppable force.”

“I’m proud to say we are activating that force here in San Diego with Lady Brain Presents, a new collective of women-identifying creatives. On July 7, we are hosting Lady Brain Fest, a 100% female-fronted music and art festival. Not only are we creating opportunities for talented women where they don’t otherwise exist–check out Book More Women for the sobering reality–but we are hopefully contributing to the larger conversation about why it is still so rare for women and other marginalized people to have equal opportunities in 2019 across the board. Why don’t female artists get the same booking considerations? Why does having a uterus justify the legislation of our bodies and choices, but having a penis does not? Why are we still talking about the “likability” of female candidates rather than their qualifications? Why are we still dealing with a pay gap? Why does skin pigment affect the odds of being incarcerated? Why does sexual or gender preference affect the odds of being murdered? It’s all connected, and it’s all correctable, but we need to acknowledge that these “norms” are not normal and work together to create a better system that is based in love and compassion rather than greed and fear.