Lindsey Cohen - "Vampire" (video) (premiere)

The singer-songwriter delivers a fun animated video just in time for Halloween.

The timing for Lindsey Cohen's new video couldn't have been more perfect. A cheekily gothic tune called Vampire, rendered in a fun, richly animated video just in time for Halloween season? Come on. It's a great little video for an excellent track, and you can watch it below.

"'Vampire' is about a relationship that was taking a lot out of me, as if the other person was sucking my blood," Cohen says. "I knew the relationship was toxic, but for some reason I had trouble ending it. Looking back, I wanted the video to lighten the song up a little bit. When I came across animator Paul Solomons' work, I knew it would be a perfect fit. I love that he made the heroine strong and the vampire a little sympathetic."

Lindsey Cohen's EP Distance Makes Me Sensitive is out now.

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