Lindsey Luff - "Until It's True" (audio) (premiere)

The rising Americana artist Lindsey Luff pairs with the Lone Bellow's Brian Elmquist on this "reckless love song of sorts".

A Brooklyn resident by way of Memphis, Lindsey Luff is poised to make a splash on the Americana scene by finding a center between the two cities in her sound. Sonically, it envelopes the rock-laden roots of Tennessean country as much as it embraces pop hooks more akin to metropolitan New York.

Written alongside the Lone Bellow’s Brian Elmquist, “Until It’s True” is “a reckless love song of sorts” according to Luff, who says the song was “originally inspired by Brian Elmquist after he first heard my song ‘Wishing Well'". She goes on to say, “We started playing around with it and ‘Until It’s True’ came to be.”

All in all, it’s a soaring love song that captures young love in its prime -- naïve and with the whole world ahead of itself. Luff invokes some Americana edge into the song’s more bittersweet undertones, pleading with a romantic partner to “tell me a lie until it’s true” if they told her that “the wishing well had all the answers.”

Lindsey Luff’s self-titled debut album releases on May 19th. On the release date, she will be holding an album release show at Rockwood in New York City with tickets available via Ticketfly.

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