Lines in the Sky Merge Progressive Metal with Pop on "Nereus" (premiere)

Nashville's Lines in the Sky overcomes adversity and releases a video for a song that speaks to the outfit's perseverance ahead of brand-new album.

You could call Nashville's Lines in the Sky a progressive metal band but that's only a fraction of the story. Walloping drums and breathtaking, truly electric riffs make the case for the heavy but pop-inflected vocals and a gift for musical dynamics suggests there's something deeper, more expansive afoot. And that's just "Nereus", a holdover from the group's 2016 LP, Parallel Travel, but also a testament to the group's tenacity, an ability to weather internal frictions and emerge with more new music via the album Beacon, due 30 January.

Taking its name from the shapeshifting Greek god, "Nereus" specifically touches on the paradigm shift experienced between age 21 and 24. Jesse Brock, frontman and principal writer, notes that the tune has its roots in the personal. "These ages have exhibited some of our most radical changes of personality and thought," he says, "which has sometimes resulted in some form of volatility. In a general sense, I think this potential for volatility is too often overlooked and maybe it would do good to embrace it as the song suggests."

He's quick to point out that the origins and evolution itself were filled with conflict. "The original idea was radically different than what we have now," he offers. "We were much and younger and more stubborn, musically, so, naturally, we found about its direction. We eventually decided to shelve the idea because of this tension. However, when we pulled it back out (about a year later), we finished the song in about a day. It's like we needed to grow into our musical selves and abilities in order to finish the track."


February 2: Nashville TN, The Basement East

February 9: Huntsville AL, SideTracks

March 6: Nashville TN, TBD

May 6: Rites of Spring 2018 (progressive rock festival), Gettysburg PA, Majestic Theater

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