Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Lisa Heller Goes on a Journey to Find Herself in “Figure It Out” (premiere)

Previewing her upcoming EP, LA pop artist Lisa Heller showcases a true story of self-exploration and finding one's artistic identity in the music video for "Figure It Out".

For her new Lisa Heller Project EP, the Los Angeles singer-songwriter is stripping back production. Honing in on a raw pop sound that fully encapsulates the emotion of the stories that she tells, Heller’s latest promises a grounded approach to her performances. Compared to the electropop pieces that she was previously known for, the Lisa Heller Project sets the artist’s songwriting capabilities in a matured, authentic frame. Having found her soul in her latest, the EP is a view into the real Lisa Heller, reflective of the journey from her musical roots in her Connecticut hometown to now, having more fully realized her artistic vision.

“Figure It Out” suitably speaks to Heller’s heart, telling a story of self-exploration that the artist, having lived through the very subject matter, makes a captivating connection with her performance. Its accompanying music video is full of metaphor, seeing Heller on her journey to find herself through artistic expression. Her search begins in the midst of the stillness of a false, materialistic world, and she begins to blossom from there.

The Lisa Heller Project EP is due to release in 2020, with three more tracks yet to be released.