Little Coyote - 'The Trouble with Teeth' (album stream) (premiere)

Years in the making, the Toronto-based trio produce an uncannily progressive folk-rock record.

The Trouble With Teeth may be Little Coyote's debut release, but it's been a long time coming. The band's frontwoman, Teagan Johnston, began writing the album in 2013. Together with bandmates Byron Patterson and Mike Poisson, they've been collectively chipping away at gaining steam with live performances and single releases since their coming together in 2015.

These years of culmination have matured the band's sound before they've even hit the ground, and now with the release of their first LP, they're hitting the ground running. The Toronto-based group may have Trouble With Teeth, but they will have no trouble with swaying new listeners their way with their ethereal alt. rock vibes.

Johnston says, "I began writing The Trouble With Teeth at the end of 2013 after graduating from high school. The band and I recorded it at the end of 2015, and now in fall 2017 we are finally putting it out, what I'm trying to say is, it's been a long time coming. Throughout these past four years of writing and recording this album I got married (when I was 20 years old), moved far from home, family, and friends, started a band, and did a lot of things that scared me.

"The Trouble With Teeth is about experiencing growing pains of the most literal sense possible, about being 19 and experiencing the true fragility of life for the first time and figuring out what's really important to you. We are excited to be sharing this album with everyone finally and thankful to EggHunt Records for helping us put it out. It's been a long process, but we are so glad to have gone through it, in the words of our album's title track I suppose, 'All we've got is time.'"

The Trouble With Teeth is releasing 13 October.

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