Little Mazarn Offers Listeners a One of a Kind Performance With "My Love Is All Around You" (premiere)

Photo courtesy of artist

Texas-based folk artist Little Mazarn uses properties of space to add to the story of "My Love Is All Around You".

Little Mazarn is the stage name for Lindsey Verrill. Her self-titled 2017 album (out via Self Sabotage Records, a division of Super Secret Records) features the song "My Love Is All Around You". The new accompanying video, which arrives ahead of a series of summer dates, finds the singer performing this achy, haunting number in an abandoned space chosen for its natural reverb. Joining her sparse banjo lines and singular vocals is Jeff Johnston's chill-inducing bowed saw.

The song is a loving nod to the purity of true Americana music and is unimpeded by gimmicks or irony. The live outdoor performance captures the musicians finding the nuance of the sounds and space together. It is an act of love and of intimacy that we are privileged to witness. It provides us with some sense of hope and that what Verrill herself calls "the garbage that is humanity" might still be saved.

"I am fascinated with found reverb and go on exploratory hikes in storm drains and canals looking for perfect natural reverb," Verrill says. "Ask anyone in Austin about our sewer shows. I found this beauty of a culvert behind one of my favorite vegetarian restaurants. There's a storm tunnel that runs right under my house, and maybe someday I'll make a huge reverb chamber out of it with a trap door from the house."

Named after a river in Arkansas, Little Mazarn bridges the distance between slowcore, gospel, and Appalachian folk.

Little Mazarn's LP may be purchased in physical form or in digital.

June 9 San Antonio, TX @ Lowcountry w/ Aisha Burns
June 16 Marfa, TX @ Wrong Store
June 17 Silver City, NM @ Frankie's Place
June 18 Pinos Altos, NM @ Buckhorn Saloon & Opera House
June 19 Taos, NM @ Parse Seco
June 20 Taos, NM @ Taos Mesa Brewing Company
June 21 Santa Fe, NM @ Kitchen Sink
June 22 Tucson, AZ @ Exo Roast Co.
June 23 Phoenix, AZ @ Trunkspace
June 24 Joshua Tree, CA @ TBA
June 25 Los Angeles, CA @ Cosmic Dreamer w/ Tim Rutili and Alex Rose
June 26 San Francisco, CA @ The Lost Church
June 27 Vallejo, CA @ Elam's
June 28 Carson City, NV @ Sassafras
June 30 Troublesome Gulch, CO @ Cowboy Cowabunga!
August 2 Portland, OR @ Turn Turn Turn
August 4 Manzanita, OR @ Electric Fences Festival
August 5 Astoria, OR @ Fort George Brewery
August 8 Dallas, TX @ Kessler Theater w/ South San Gabriel
August 9 Denton, TX @ Dan's Silver Leaf w/ South San Gabriel
August 10 Austin, TX @ The Mohawk w/ South San Gabriel

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