Little Pieces: Little Pieces

Punchy rock songs from a band who would fall somewhere between the Pixies and Tom Petty.

Little Pieces

Little Pieces

Label: One Eleven
US Release Date: 2008-06-03
UK Release Date: Unavailable

Little Pieces are the sort of band that turn you on (or should) from the opening notes of the perfectly polished “The Skier” that is part Petty and part Pixies. It’s a delightful little ditty. Following that, “Hurricane” comes in with a poppy whirl that would have fans of Bishop Allen salivating. And fortunately that pop sensibility remains in tact for much of this 10-track record, especially on the tight and well-crafted “Smallest Man” which has a certain trace of ‘60s Britpop in it. Even when Little Pieces offer up the somewhat summery California nugget “Featherweight Song”, they do it with such confidence that the term “featherweight” would not aptly describe the group. The trio of Grant Badger, Rob Lloyd and Herman Jolly might be at their best during “Stop the World” when they talk about picking up a little slut and melting at her singing voice. Fans of Sloan or Cool Blue Halo, the latter a lesser known Halifax pop band, would also lap up the punchy “The Zeppo Stone” with its high harmonies. And if you’re not won over by now, Little Skies offer up “Ordinary Friend” as proof they have something going on. This record definitely makes you keep faith in alternative or indie-rock.


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