Jukebox the Ghost Will Chat Live with PopMatters on Facebook

On November 28th, at 6 pm EST, join PopMatters on Facebook as we go Live with Jukebox the Ghost.

On their spring tour earlier this year, Jukebox the Ghost recorded their performances for eventual release as a live album. Well the live album is almost upon us. In December, Jukebox the Ghost will release Long Way Home: Live a twenty track set of songs from the tour including the new "Keys in the Car".

PopMatters chatted with the band two years ago and thought it would be fun to set up another conversation. This time Live -- as in Facebook Live. On Monday November 28th, at 6 pm EST, visit PopMatters' Facebook page to catch our Live conversation with Jukebox the Ghost. We'll ask some questions and we'll let the boys tackle a few from the audience during the feed as well. Make sure to tune in.

Feel free to share some of your questions in the comments below in case you can't make the event. The conversation will remain archived on Facebook and maybe your question will make the cut.

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