The Living Bridge the Past and the Future on "Nothing I Say Has Any Weight" (premiere)

San Francisco upstarts the Living return with new material for hardcore fans, offering a bridge between the past and the future.

San Francisco outfit the Living return with a special surprise for fans, a new collection of four songs issued via all major platforms. The band is calling the quartet of songs, out today 2 February, a "thank you" to its supportive fans as well as a preview of a new full-length album tentatively due in fall 2018. With a recent gig opening for the legendary Fishbone under its belt, the outfit has set its eye on more dates for the remainder of the year.

"We've been so grateful for the response we've received from people all over the world," the band offered in a statement. "We wanted to share some new music with them which is a little bit different from what they heard on the first album."

"Nothing I Say Has Any Weight", provides us with a deeper taste of the Living's unmistakable sound. Part progressive rock, part '90s alternative and with a penchant for dynamics often lacking in contemporary rock music, the Bay Area band swings on a pendulum between sad and emotive and positively celebratory.

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