Lizzo – “Humanize” (Singles Going Steady)

Somehow Lizzo's "Humanize" feels like an indie rock track that's been translated into the hip-hop and R&B sphere.

Dustin Ragucos: Somehow “Humanize” feels like an indie rock track that’s been translated into the hip-hop and R&B sphere. Maybe it’s the Bon Iver influence that rubbed off on Lizzo, considering that he’s contributing to her record. Track-wise? Pretty “meh” stuff that required its surprising last quarter to get listeners back into its world. [5/10]

Dami Solebo: The chorus is pretty memorable and there are some special moments like the breakdown before the final chorus, but throughout much of the song it seems like there is a little too much going on. [6/10]

Jedd Beaudoin: Eh, not the best and not the worst. I can get behind this one with limited reservations. Cool vibe and good vocal performance. [6/10]

Chris Pittaway: While definitely impressive from a vocal and songwriting perspective,”Humanize’s” production keeps trying to drag the song into ‘generic banger’ territory, which is a real shame because the track’s softer moments, with Lizzo’s voice over dreamy piano are really gripping. Then the bass and the 808’s return to do battle with the real talent. [5/10]

Steve Horowitz: Lizzo tries to humanize — herself, her lover, the listener — it’s unclear who, by asking for compassion in a mechanically conflicted way. Yeah, that’s right, she tries. Lizzo needs to try harder, though, if she aims to convince that the way to be oneself is to channel the weird within. The video has its charms, but like the song it never quite succeeds. [5/10]

Chad Miller: Features a nice contrast between a soft verse and a powerful chorus. There are some clever moments involving wordplay between humanize and human eyes, and “I try to try” is a pretty powerful phrase. Transitions could use some work although. The song has some really nice moments, but they don’t always string together that well. [6/10]

SCORE: 5.50