LOAH - "Nothing" (audio) (premiere)

New Irish soul singer LOAH is set to join a rich European soul scene with her brilliant new single "Nothing".

LOAH (a.k.a. Sallay Matu Garnett) is a new soul singer from Ireland of Sierra Leonean origin and her music blends West African rhythms into jazzy, groovy arrangements. It's a highly sophisticated and irresistible sound with LOAH labeling what she does as "ArtSoul". That's an ideal descriptor for a song like "Nothing" that highlights her superb voice full of richness and color, but also showcases LOAH's compositional skills as "Nothing" is a gorgeously constructed song that's instantly memorable.

LOAH grew up in Ireland and West Africa, learning classical violin from an early age. Discovering music as her passion, she set about creating a multicultural sound that best exemplifies who she is. Playing at festivals in Ireland and a recent SXSW appearance have caused a stir and ratcheted up the soul singer's profile and now she is set to release her debut EP This Heart, which comes out June 16th. LOAH is set to become a key member of the immensely talented slate of current European soul singers such as Andreya Triana, Laura Mvula, Eska, and Emeli Sandé.

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