Hot Indie Pop Duo Lola Marsh Share New Single, “Wishing Girl” (premiere)

Tel-Aviv's Lola Marsh unleash another indie pop gem of a single ahead of their eagerly anticipated debut album later this year.

Tel-Aviv duo Lola Marsh occupy a space in between indie pop, indie folk, and electropop with their beautifully melodic, breezy songs. It’s a thoroughly modern and engaging approach to pop music that highlights the superb songwriting chops of Gil Landau and the enigmatic vocals of Yael Shoshana Cohen. Lola Marsh’s tunes have stormed the Hype Machine charts, and their future looks bright with their debut album coming sometime this spring or summer.

Today we have the new Lola Marsh tune that you’ll fall in love with. “Wishing Girl” possesses a light, airy quality with another irresistible melody that’ll lodge this track in your brain for good. Cohen tells us that the song “started out as a gift for Gil’s birthday. We suddenly realized it was pretty cool, so we decided to turn it into a song! The chorus stayed the same, and the verses were written months later while we were recording.” Based on the strength of Lola Marsh’s singles that we’ve heard so far, their debut album could well be one of the best indie pop debuts this year.