'Lonesome Dove' hits the Blu-ray trail

Doug Nye
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One of the greatest westerns of all time, "Lonesome Dove" (Genius, 1989, $39.82), arrives Tuesday in the DVD Blu-ray format.

Although the four-part miniseries was made for television, it ranks right up there with the best westerns that were originally produced for theatrical release.

The cast is superb and does a first-rate job of bringing to life the characters of Larry McMurtry's celebrated novel. Augustus "Gus" McCrae (Robert Duvall) and Woodrow F. Call (Tommy Lee Jones) are two famous but now retired Texas Rangers living a leisurely life in the small Texas town of Lonesome Dove.

When old friend Jake Spoon (Robert Urich) drops by to visit, his stories of the rich rangeland in Montana stir Call's interest. So much so, that Call soon talks McCrae and several others into taking a herd of cattle and horses on a rugged trail drive north to Montana.

Along the epic journey, they encounter numerous adventures that range from stirring to heartbreaking. Also among those giving memorable performances are Danny Glover, Diane Lane, D.B. Sweeny, Rick Schroder, Angelica Huston and Chris Cooper.

Directed by Simon Wincer, "Lonesome Dove" piled up numerous awards including seven Emmys and two Golden Globes. Among the extras are a 50-minute "Making of ..." production, a new interview with Wincer and original on-set interviews with Duvall, Jones and other cast members.

Other Blu-ray titles to be released Tuesday include:

"The Counterfeiters" (Sony, 2007, $38.95): A true World War II story about concentration camp prisoners who are forced by the Nazis to make counterfeit British pounds and American dollars. Winner of the Academy Award for Best Foreign Film, the German language production features English sub-titles. There is also a dubbed English soundtrack.

"Starship Troopers" (Sony, 1997, $28.99): In the world of the future, a military-dominated society goes to war against alien bug-like creatures. Based on the novel by Robert A. Heinlen. Casper Van Dien, Dina Myer and Michael Ironside lead the cast.

"Starship Trooper 3: Marauder" (Sony, 2008, $28.99): Johnny Ricco (Casper Van Dien) is called back into action to battle some more monstrous bugs. Jolene Blalock co-stars.

"Nim's Island" (20th Century Fox, 2008, $39.98): Abigail Breslin plays a young girl named Nim living on an island with her research scientist father who becomes lost at sea during a terrific storm. Nim hopes her favorite author can help find him. A fine film for the entire family. Also starring are Jodie Foster and Gerald Butler.

Also now on Blu-ray:

"Dark City" (1998, New Line, $34.98): Rufus Sewell plays a man who finds himself in a nightmarish world while he struggles to recall the memories of his past in this sci-fi thriller. Also in the cast are William Hurt, Kiefer Sutherland and Jennifer Connelly.

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