Lost in the Trees: Time Taunts Me

Lost in the Trees
Time Taunts Me

Watch out Owen Pallet, here comes Ari Picker. Much like his Canadian counterpart, Picker — the mastermind behind Chapel Hill-based Lost in the Trees — mixes his love of classical music with all the modern glory of 21st century pop. But Picker takes it all one step further on Time Taunts Me: there are harpsichords, but there are also Radiohead-style electronic beats; there are passages of nothing but strings, but others sound like your typical acoustic indie rock. So maybe it’s not surprising that the record sounds a lot like the soundtrack to your favourite indie film. And it’s no coincidence — Picker also writes film scores. In fact, given the range of talents displayed on this record, and the existential angst of the lyrics, maybe it’s Jon Brion who needs to start watching his back.

RATING 8 / 10