Lowland Hum Explore 'Youthful Frivolity' Amidst a "Salzburg Summer" (premiere)

Photo: Serena Jae / Courtesy of Lucky Bird Media

World-traveling folk duo Lowland Hum muse on youth and femininity in their latest single, all intertwined with the subtle pinks and blues of a "Salzburg Summer".

Married troubadours Lauren and Daniel Goans (a.k.a. Lowland Hum) are readying for the release of their fourth full-length album, Glyphonic, lovingly crafted on the top floor of their studio apartment. It's another collection of deliberately subtle, ruminative folk music, dutifully following their commitment to the #SupportQuietMusic movement. As always, while the world continues to succumb to a cacophonous drone, Lowland Hum's celebration of lyrics and arrangements worthy of sitting back in silence to pay a true ear to feels more than welcome.

Such is the case with the sun-washed gleam of their new single, "Salzburg Summer". Featuring vivacious colors interspersed between moments of crystalline white light, Lowland Hum's latest is an interpretive indie folk number with layers of captivating vocals and flourishes of piano, guitar, and percussion. Co-directed by Forrest Pando and Zaynah Akeel Pando, the dance showcased in the song's accompanying music video accentuates these strengths with true grace.

Lowland Hum tells PopMatters, "This song is in part an exploration of vanity, youthful frivolity, and femininity as it was internalized by Lauren's pre-teen mind. Folded into the world of the song are imaginings of Salzburg, Austria in the summertime. We were there on tour this past winter and were taken with the cohesion of the city's aesthetic one evening when the sunset cast a peach glow over the surrounding snow-capped mountains; it perfectly matched the champagne pink buildings at the city's center near the river. If you can call to mind an image of Mozart, dressed in pale pink satin with powder blue ribbons, and apply that pallet to a city's architecture, that is Salzburg (also, it's his hometown)."





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