Manchester's Lucas Immortalizes "Anne Marie" With New Video, Single (premiere)

Jedd Beaudoin

With nods from Cage the Elephant and Jimmy Page, Lucas' time in the sun is just around the corner as "Anne Marie" proves.

Informed by the golden age of glam (T. Rex, Slade, Sweet), Manchester's Lucas has earned the affections of Jimmy Page and Cage The Elephant's Lincoln Parish, who produced the forthcoming EP, High Wire. "Anne Marie", for which the band is issuing a new video, is a testament to the outfit's deep UK roots and ability to capture the magic of the past while continuing to move rock 'n' roll forward.

"Anne Marie" makes its case swiftly and with an audacity that'll leave listeners reach for the repeat button faster than a gambling junkie moving all their money to red. You could be forgiven for wondering, at first blush, whether this is a new track or something discovered deep in the Top of the Pops archive. It's a refreshing blast of the authentic and the hyper melodic, a song that won't soon part from your memory.

Lucas recalls "Anne Marie" "a turning point" during the creation of the record, adding, "It was where Parish and I suddenly hit upon that Britpop psychedelia which definitely sums up a lot of the band's influences. It was such a fun song to write and record but playing it live is the best and I love watching people get into it!"

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