Lucky Chops - "Buyo" (video) (premiere)

Topped off with a ripping bari sax solo, "Buyo" is the kind of fiercely alive jazz which appeals to almost all music fans, regardless of jazz taste.

Though this is admittedly a gross oversimplification of one of the most complex genres of music ever, jazz can generally be separated into two camps. In one is the sedate, steady groove of early Davis and Coltrane, poised and collected over technically masterful solos and iconic melodies. In the other is the wild, kinetic funk of Mingus and Hancock, the kind that continues to exert massive influence on artists like Flying Lotus and his Brainfeeder cohort. Lucky Chops fits pretty solidly into the second camp. Their pelvis-swinging style of funky horn music is a genuine joy, present and hungry. “Buyo” waltzes forward with a rump-shaker of a sousaphone line, the upper-register instruments chorusing brilliantly on top. Topped off with a ripping baritone sax solo, it’s the kind of fiercely alive jazz which appeals to almost all music fans, regardless of jazz taste.

“The song is a result of a lot, and we mean a LOT, of jamming!” says trombonist Josh Holcomb. “It really captures us in our element, grooving with a lot of power and energy."

Stream the video for “Buyo” below, and catch Lucky Chops on tour over the next several months.


Jun 24 Brooklyn Bowl Brooklyn, NY

Jun 26 The Met Pawtucket, RI

Jun 28 Higher Ground South Burlington, VT

Jun 29 Montreal Jazz Festival Montreal, Canada

Jun 30 Montreal Jazz Festival Montreal, Canada

Jul 02 Rochester International Jazz Festival Rochester, NY

Jul 03 Beachland Ballroom Cleveland, OH

Jul 05 SPACE Evanston, IL

Jul 06 Majestic Madison, WI

Jul 07 Summerfest Milwaukee, WI

Jul 08 Tripe Rock Social Club Minneapolis, MN

Jul 09 80/35 Festival Des Moines, IA

Aug 12 Musikfest Bethlehem, PA

Aug 13 Richmond Jazz Festival at Maymont Richmond, VA

Sep 13 World Cafe Live Philadelphia Philadelphia, PA

Sep 15 THE REX THEATER Pittsburgh, PA

Sep 16 Wheeling Heritage Port Sternwheeler Festival Wheeling, WV

Sep 17 U-Street Music Hall Washington, DC

Sep 18 Ferguson PAC Newport News, VA

Sep 27 Smiths Olde Bar Atlanta, GA

Sep 28 Harbison Theatre at Midlands Technical College Irmo, SC

Nov 01 Gross Freiheit 36 Hamburg, Germany

Nov 02 Huxleys Berlin, Germany

Nov 03 Täubchenthal Leipzig, Germany

Nov 04 Jazznojazz Zurich, Switzerland

Nov 05 Enjoy Jazz Fest Mannheim, Germany

Nov 07 Im Wizemann Stuttgart, Germany

Nov 08 Muffathalle Munich, Germany

Nov 09 Leverkusener Jazztage Leverkusen, Germany

Nov 10 Ingolstädter Jazztage Ingolstadt, Germany

Nov 11 Zoom Frankfurt, Germany

Nov 12 Kulturetage Oldenburg (Oldb.), Germany

Nov 14 O2 Institute2 Birmingham, United Kingdom

Nov 15 Patterns Brighton, United Kingdom

Nov 16 The Caves Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Nov 17 Button Factory Dublin, Ireland

Nov 19 Motion Bristol, United Kingdom

Nov 20 Manchester Academy Rusholme, United Kingdom

Nov 21 Electric Ballroom London, United Kingdom

Nov 22 Melkweg Max Amsterdam, Netherlands

Nov 24 Mezz *SOLD OUT* Breda, Netherlands

Nov 25 Doornroosje *SOLD OUT* Nijmegen, Netherlands

Nov 26 Trix Antwerpen, Belgium

Nov 28 Trianon Paris, France

Nov 29 TRANSBORDEUR CLUB Villeurbanne, France

Nov 30 METRONUM Toulouse, France

Dec 01 Rockschool Barbey Bordeaux, France

Dec 02 Le 106 Rouen, France

Dec 05 Serraglio Milano, Italy

Dec 06 Quirinetta Caffè Concerto Roma, Italy

Dec 07 Locomotiv Club Bologna, Italy

Dec 09 Les Docks Lausanne, Switzerland

Dec 10 Le Cabaret Aléatoire Marseille, France





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