Photo credit: ©Andrea Morgan

Lucy Isabel Empowers Us to Roll with the Punches in “How It Goes” (premiere)

Hot off the release of her new album, Rambling Stranger, Lucy Isabel releases a music video for her stunning Americana song, "How It Goes".

Following the 14 June release of her recent album, roots artist Lucy Isabel is continuing the tale of Rambling Stranger with her brand new music video for “How It Goes”. Filmed at Nashville’s OMNIsound Studios, the video gives Isabel’s audience a glimpse at an in-studio performance.

Providing ample room for her vocals to resonate, the singer-songwriter soars with a bluesy gravitas at the song’s crescendo, her band invoking gospel and country elements into the song as it rises. An empowering song that encourages listeners to keep their head held high amidst tough situations, a visual component showcasing Isabel and company’s rise in confidence as the song carries on certainly adds something.

Engaging in a Q&A with PopMatters, Isabel tells us more about “How It Goes”, from the development of the song to its music video.

What is the story behind this song? Was there a specific inspiration for it?

I wrote this song over the course of a few months when things were pretty hectic for me. Even though I had a lot going on, I was really excited about all of it. I was okay with the stress of it all because I felt like it was ultimately a positive experience. “How It Goes” really expresses that feeling. It’s a song about rolling with the punches and seeing where life takes you.

Whose idea was the video treatment? What did you want the video to convey to viewers?

I wanted to make sure I had something to hold on to from my time in the studio. I felt really at home throughout the recording process, so I wanted a visual to go along with that feeling. It’s my hope that viewers can see what a good time we had putting this record together.

It looks like this video is a capsule of your experiences in the studio. Who directed the clip? How did you come to work with them?

The footage was shot by Laura Rockett. She and I moved to Nashville around the same time and met at a part-time job I used to work. The editing was done by Andrea Morgan, an artist out of Jersey who directed another video for me. Since we had worked together in the recent past, I felt really comfortable asking her to take the reins and make the parts into a whole.

Any funny or interesting stories from the video shoot/recording process?

We did a couple of takes where we were all together in one space playing through the song. It was really strange to watch those and see all of us really into it because we could hear the mix through our headphones, but the sound on the video was pretty much all drums and a lot of it. It’s cool to get a glimpse at the recording process from that angle.

What do you hope the video will convey to people who watch it?

I hope people that watch the video will have as good a time watching it as we did filming it. It’s a fun song, so I just want people to embrace that.