Photo: Hattie Ellis / Courtesy of the Syn

Luke Sital-Singh Keeps It Together with the Steady-Driving “Lover” (premiere)

British folkie Luke Sital-Singh's latest single is about the ups and downs of a romantic relationship and the road to reconciliation when times get tough.

Relationships aren’t always easy, as Luke Sital-Singh could attest. His latest single, “Lover”, is about the ups and downs of romance and the road to reconciliation when times get tough. Sital-Singh’s gorgeous falsetto features prominently on the steady-going track, a straightforward message of love and forgiveness at its center. The singer-songwriter isn’t aiming to reinvent the wheel with the gentle, ethereal instrumentation more than he is out to wear his heart on his sleeve for all to see. The result is an effortless demonstration of genuine love, as well as a heart-melting addition to Sital-Singh’s forthcoming album, A Golden State. It’s available for pre-order prior to its 5 April release via Raygun.

Sital-Singh tells PopMatters, “‘Lover’ was one of the first songs I wrote for the new album. It was one of the first ‘keepers’. At the beginning of the album writing process, I’m mostly fumbling around in the dark trying to spark some kind of new sound or atmosphere in my songs that make me feel like I’m moving forward rather than treading the same old path. For me, that’s not necessarily something crazy different like a whole bee genre or whatever but it needs to feel significant to me. When I finished writing “Lover”, I knew I had found that new thing, and it really helped me gain momentum in finishing the rest of the songs.”

“Lyrically it’s quite a straight forward love song. I was having some up and downs with my wife, and I wanted to write a simple song about reconciliation and that moment when you realize the fight is just dumb and you just want your best friend back again.”