Lula Miranda Makes an Acoustic Mashup Out of "Cherry Kiss" (premiere)

Photo: Gonzalo Lauda / Courtesy of WMA

Remixing her song with some of Camila Cabello's "She Loves Control", pop artist Lula Miranda provides a refreshing new take on "Cherry Kiss".

Trading in the heavy bass synth and electronic melodies of her song, "Cherry Kiss" for a live acoustic ensemble, Lula Miranda offers a new take on her infectious single. Other than its ushering in of organic instrumentation and softer direction, Miranda's acoustic rendition of "Cherry Kiss" also remixes Camila Cabello's "She Loves Control" along the bridge. The two songs are meshed together expertly by the Argentinian artist and her band, creating just as much of a groove to lose oneself in as the original production. Having previously opened for the likes of Halsey, the burgeoning pop artist feels capable of carving a similar sonic niche for herself.

Miranda tells PopMatters, "'Cherry Kiss' has a very modern sound, so I wanted to do an acoustic version of my song to showcase a twist on it. I've also always wanted to use a banjo in a live show -- the sound of it is truly special and original. It turns out I couldn't wait, so I decided to use it for this version of the song. I also incorporated a few lines from Camila Cabello's song 'She Loves Control' because not only do I admire her as an artist but I identify with her use of Latin style and soul in pop music."

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