Luna Luna
Photo: Ash Rosas / Courtesy of Fancy PR

Luna Luna’s “Feel It Now” Lassos You on to the Dancefloor

Dallas’ Luna Luna melt into the last days of summer with the final psychedelic electro single from their debut LP Flower Moon.

Luna Luna exist perfectly in the world of post-Tame Impala R&B. Their newest single, “Feel It Now”, from debut LP Flower Moon, feels cut straight from Kevin Parker’s cloth of psychedelia. There are synths with the haze of city lights at midnight, a falsetto that feels spritzed from a de-pressurized aerosol can, congas right next to four-on-the-floor drums. The Dallas-based four-piece seem to wear their inspirations on their sleeves. Still, where Parker opted for existentialism, Luna Luna embrace joy, guided by lead singer Kavvi’s intoxicated yearning (“I’ve been dreaming about you”). The dancefloor fills with laser blips darting from side to side, static rumbling beneath the feet of the raging crowd. At the center is a bassline so watery you’d think the strings were melting from the heat of the summer.

Describing why he wrote the song, Kavvi said, “’Feel It Now’ is our most anthemic song. We wanted to make a huge unstoppable song, and I think that’s what it came out to be. I think the production really takes center stage on this one. I feel like as soon as the drums come in, you’re transported into this vibe that doesn’t let you go. The lyrics are really just about chasing that feeling of ecstasy and longing for it. Sometimes you just wanna let loose, and this is the song that you can do that to.”

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