LuxDeluxe - "Keep Your Distance" (video) (premiere)

LuxDeluxe brings listeners into the mind of a "paranoid schizophrenic" on their latest single "Keep Your Distance".

Endorsed by Deer Tick’s own self-proclaimed “pissy curmudgeon when it comes to giving new bands a chance” John McCauley, Northampton’s LuxDeluxe are on the rise. Their music fits snugly into the indie Americana trend of artists like Lord Huron or Wilco, and they have become known for encapsulating a distinct space between laidback and electrifying at their live shows.

The Massachusetts group evokes a rock 'n' roll mentality as they bring listeners into the mind of a “paranoid schizophrenic” on their track “Keep Your Distance”. Of the accompanying music video, bassist Jacob Rosazza says: “The lyrics of the song were written to the track by mumbling gibberish into a phone and then trying to translate that into real words. That's how ‘Keep Your Distance’ became a song about a paranoid schizophrenic. None of it was premeditated, but we liked that theme, as the music is a bit frantic too. So we figured we needed to complete the picture with a video that makes the viewer a bit uncomfortable."

Rosazza continues, "[There's] no better way of making a video for ‘Keep Your Distance’ than to film in a scary basement of an empty maze-like building. The plan was pretty simple, just have Ned dance around like a maniac while we threw stuff at him. That went on for hours, which I think helped get him into character.”

LuxDeluxe's new album, Let's Do Lunch, will release on May 5th.

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