Lydia Luce Revisits "Sausalito" with a Live Performance (premiere)

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Accompanied by a string quintet, folk singer-songwriter Lydia Luce revamps the melancholy "Sausalito" in a new live rendition.

Eight months ago, singer-songwriter Lydia Luce released her latest full-length album, Azalea. Predating its release was the debut of her single, "Sausalito", which PopMatters premiered back in March 2018. It did not take long for the melancholy reflections of Luce's single to become a hit, and now she is re-envisioning the tune with a live, string quintet prior to the 24 May release of her Azalea Strings EP. As it sounds, the forthcoming EP will set its sight on re-imagining Luce's original arrangements from her 2018 LP by means of a string-centric design. Although the single's original cut arguably focused in on string instrumentation through Luce's own viola, her revamped rendition of the tune brings violin, cello, and bass to the forefront as well.

Luce tells PopMatters, "The Azalea Strings EP is close to my heart because it is a huge part of the record. I feel that 50% of my music career revolves around strings, between my lovely Nashville community of strings players–Lockeland Strings–and my upbringing in the classical world. This illuminates that part of the record and showcases the melodies of the songs supported by instruments that I love."

Luce has also shared the Azalea Strings EP's track list with PopMatters, which can be viewed below.


1. "Helen" (String Sessions)

2. "Helen" (Instrumental)

3. "Where I Lay" (Instrumental)

4. "Sausalito" (String Sessions)

5. "Sausalito" (Instrumental)

6. "My Heart In Mind" (String Sessions)

7. "Strawberry Moon" (Instrumental)


6/7 - Los Angeles, CA - The Hotel Cafe

6/21 - Nashville, TN - Musician's Corner (Free Event)

7/5 - Denver, CO - Black Shirt Brewing Co.

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