Lydia Luce Looks Back on Life in "Sausalito" (premiere)

Photo courtesy of the Press House

Classically-trained violist and guitarist Lydia Luce brings us a beautifully intimate new piece of music with "Sausalito".

Decorated with intricate interlacings of viola and guitar, the groundwork of Lydia Luce's new single emerge from her musical roots. Starting as a classically-trained violist, Luce later adopted guitar and joined her mother's orchestra by age 13. Yet, the songs that she writes and records now are carefully composed without the sort of pomp that we some may have come to expect from classically-trained performers from musical families. Luce forgoes the usual pageantry for something organic and unique that comes from the heart.

This much is evident on her newest single, "Sausalito". From her forthcoming album, Luce uses her fiddling and guitar work to evoke a sweeping landscape looking back on her first trip to California. At the tail-end of her trek, she returns to Sausalito, reflecting on a past relationship, realizing that she wants to be with that someone while also acknowledging that she's just not ready for it. A wholly relatable piece of beautifully composed music, the Nashville songstress very clearly has another wonderful album incoming following the release of her wonderful The Tides in 2015.

On the song, Luce says, "I wrote this song shortly after moving to Nashville from Los Angeles. I was digging into memories, missing the west coast and longing for the people I left behind."

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