Machinedrum – “1 2 B Needed feat. Roses Gabor” (Singles Going Steady)

This destructo cut-and-paste track could only arrive in a post-Skrillex world.

Tristan Kneschke: This destructo cut-and-paste track could only arrive in a post-Skrillex world. Then again, producer Travis Stewart’s humble hip-hop roots have always employed some sort of slicing technique (see “Big Beauty Hose”), so while he’s aligned his sound closer to modern trends, no one can accuse him of jumping on the bandwagon. But trickiness does not necessarily a good song make, and Roses Gabor turns from guest vocalist to sample fodder and becomes obliterated in the process. The manifold intricacies make for engaging, but not necessarily repeated, listening. [7/10]

Ian Rushbury: I can’t decide if this is a genuine composition or a demonstration recording for a drum machine manufacturer. If this is dance music, then it seems hellishly difficult to dance to. I’d advise keeping a chiropractor on standby at all times. It reminds me of walking through a music store, where everyone is playing different tunes at the same time — there are a couple of moments where everything harmonizes weirdly, then it reverts to sounding like an argument. [4/10]

Adriane Pontecorvo: Since Vapor City, Machinedrum has been pretty hit-or-miss, with a lot of the steel and technical prowess absent from recent releases. “1 2 B Needed” marks a return to the quick beats that make Machinedrum sound like his stage name, and Roses Gabor’s heavily processed voice lends the music a hint of warmth and ethereal softness. Machinedrum has many more memorable works in his repertoire, but “1 2 B Needed” lets his skills shine in a way that was, indeed, sorely needed. [8/10]

John Garratt: This is one instance where I actually find YouTube comments to be helpful. It appears that some are disappointed and/or confused by this song, citing the aggressive beats as a big turn-off. For me, it’s the Auto-Tuned gibberish that is, at best, an acquired taste. With only 20-odd seconds left, it manages to get better. [5/10]

William Nesbitt: Jumpy and messy, it sounds like it had too many espresso shots. It would be interesting to hear a remix that slows it down, spaces it out, and lets it breathe. Quirky, but it becomes easier to listen to as it progresses. I’m not blown away, but I am intrigued. [5/10]

SCORE: 5.80