Mack Keane '2107' EP (premiere)

You can hear a bit of Jamie Lidell and even Bruno Mars in Mack Keane's soul-pop sound, but it's clear from his debut effort he's carving out a sound all his own.

Mack Keane

2107 EP

Label: MasonMack Music
Release Date: 2017-05-05

Mack Keane's upbeat and feel-good can be directly traced to a lineage of soul-pop crooners who were themselves influenced by a whole separate generation of notable soul-pop crooners. Inspiration begets inspiration. While pop music can at times be extremely whim- or trend-driven, soul music is part of a tradition, and one that the 20-year-old Keane felt the need to subscribe to.

Once the irresistible earworm of that staccato key pattern comes in during "I Would", one of the many dance-ready burners off Keane's debut 2107 EP, it's impossible not to hear a touch of Jamie Lidell and Bruno Mars mixed up into his sound. It's proudly traditional and also undeniably contemporary.

"The creation of my EP 2107 started my freshman year of college," Keane tells us. "2107 was my dorm room number, and actually ended up being where I wrote and produced most of the demos for the EP. However, it wasn't until the end of the year when I showed the rough version of 'Model Behavior' to some people, that I decided to go forward with this project.

"I compiled a list of seven songs I had demos for and took them back to a studio in L.A. where I began the final production process with my co-producers, Tom Keane (my father) and Nathan East. I spent my summer breaks of my freshman and sophomore years re-mixing, adding live instrumentation (Nathan East: Bass, Vine Street Horns: Brass, Rafael Padilla: Percussion), and redoing the vocals on each track. At the same time, I was also creating visuals and videos with friends of mine to tackle this EP as a full multimedia project."

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