Mackenzie Shivers Contrasts Despair and Hope Amidst Tokyo Scenery in "The Unkindness" (premiere)

Photo: Sarah Haile / Courtesy of the artist

A love letter to her time spent touring Japan, indie folk artist Mackenzie Shivers traverses Tokyo's many prefectures in her music video for "The Unkindness".

Earlier this year, Mackenzie Shivers made her international debut by means of her first tour of Japan. Playing music throughout Tokyo's prefectures, the New York indie folk artist felt honored by the warm reception provided by her Japanese audiences. Inspired by the people and places that she had encountered during her time overseas, Shivers' music video for her latest LP's titular single, "The Unkindness", pays homage to the city by highlighting several of its scenic locales. Instantly establishing the dichotomy between metropolitan and naturalistic design that weaves its way about Tokyo, director Ross Vedder captures Shivers in several striking shots throughout.

On the video, Shivers tells PopMatters, "This video is a love letter to the time I spent in Japan on tour with The Unkindness. I was really moved by the people I encountered there - their support, enthusiasm, respect, and above all else, their kindness. The Unkindness paints an image of despair contrasted with love and hope, and I thought Tokyo was the perfect reflection of this as it is an embodiment of many polarities - orderly and chaotic, ancient and futuristic, peaceful and loud. It was a magical experience and an honor to perform and film there."

The Unkindness is currently available to purchase or stream today.

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