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With "RISE", Madeleine Besson Finds Inner Peace (premiere)

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Pop artist Madeleine Besson calls back to soul's golden era with her passionate, empowering new single about rising above stagnancy and toxicity.

Following up the release of last year's Journey Home, singer-songwriter Madeleine Besson is premiering an all-new single with PopMatters. Entitled "RISE", Besson once again slides headfirst into an effulgent expression of empowering soul. It plays out in a slow burn, the arrangement gradually rising with Besson's passionate vocal delivery leading the charge. A masterful songstress, she caters her powerful instrument to interpret the emotional significance of the track's inspiring themes to her listeners. Attuned not just to the song's chorus in its name, "RISE" is about ascending over past obstacles and reaching out towards a more positive future.

Besson tells us, "'RISE' is a song I wrote in March 2019, while I was going through an intense confusing time where some old demons came back to visit me. But the process of writing this song and recording it, really helped me heal a lot of old wounds that were still lingering in my heart. I understood that the stagnant toxic cycles can be broken, that the leap into the unknown can be taken, and that we can let the tears roll, let go and find this true peace. This song is a cry out to 'RISE' in our truth, for all those going through hard times, for the lonely, the forgotten, the lost, you are not alone. This song is for you and I can't wait to share it and hope it'll bring you some peace and healing wherever you're at on your journey."

"RISE" is out today across all streaming platforms.

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