Mae Krell Begins Their Ascent With 'Anabasis' (premiere)

Mae Krell takes us on a moving journey on their debut EP, from the darkest places to the light.

Artists of all kinds are at their best when they dare to wear their hearts on their sleeves. Such is the case of singer-songwriter Mae Krell, whose music goes far beyond their indelible vocals or ability to write a catchy hook. The 18-year-old artist delves much deeper than the superficial surface that plagues much of pop production today, instead veering left from musical typicality into a lush blend of indie rock sensibilities and a heart-searing unveiling of personal truths.

Krell reveals their demons in utterly captivating fashion, with a wide variety of instruments meshing wonderfully with their passionate vocals. Across these four songs, they takes listeners on an adventure from the darkest places they've been to the light at the end of the tunnel that they sees today. It comes across stunningly as the young songwriter takes us on this journey, showcasing each beautiful step forward they've taken in reclaiming themself from the darkness. In the final moments of the last song on the EP, "Scars", Krell proudly proclaims, "And no they do not make me any less beautiful / And no they do not take anything away from me."

Krell tells PopMatters: "Anabasis is a Greek word, which as a literary term means 'an ascent from the underworld'. My friend introduced me to the word a couple of years ago when he learned it in class, and I was instantly struck by the power it held within so few letters. The reason I decided to name this EP Anabasis, is because of the connection that these songs have with an ascent from a dark place within myself, my life, my choices, and my surroundings. It's symbolic, really, to how I've worked, and am working to conquer the dark parts of myself. When writing and recording these tracks, I was in the pre-recovery stages; and where I am now when they are releasing, is the beginning of my own ascent."

Anabasis is out on 16 February.

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