Maggie McClure - "You For Me" (audio) (premiere)

Maggie McClure's new song is a sunny and sprightly jazz-infused tune about finding love and keeping it.

Breezy optimism pervades Maggie McClure's sugary sweet "You For Me". Showcasing jazzy undertones with rollicking guitar melodies and catchy, mellow whistling, the song is positively beaming with hope as it loses itself within the entrapment of true love.

McClure is an accomplished singer-songwriter from Norman, Oklahoma. Her songs have previously been showcased on a variety of television programs, including Dr. Phil, The Vineyard, and The Hill. Moreover, one could say she is an actual Disney princess. She's now performing the English voice for the character Violetta on the Disney Channel show of the same name.

Perhaps McClure garnered some inspiration for "You For Me" from her recent role, given that she says, "You For Me" is a Disney-esque song that I wrote with Shane Henry and Jeff Silbar. It's about finding that perfect something or someone that is just what you’ve been looking for all along. I adore this song and hope you all enjoy it!"

McClure's upcoming EP, Color It Up, is releasing on 13 October.

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