Maiden Radio – “Poor Orphan Child” (audio) (premiere)

A Northern-inspired rendition of a classic Southern traditional song.

For the past six years the trio of Joan Shelley, Julia Purcell, and Cheyenne Mize have explored traditional Kentucky and Appalachian music. However, while they continue to delve into early American folk on their new album Wolvering draws much inspiration, from the remote Michigan town of the same name, where it was recorded.

The intimacy of the deep winter recording (apparently you can hear the fireplace crackling in the background on the record) is palpable on the sweet-sounding rendition of the old song “Poor Orphan Child”.

“A stormy poem that is sung ‘up where the moors spread and gray rocks are piled,'” says Shelley. “We tried to conjure the fleeting vignettes of this traditional song with three-part harmonies, as if out of a swift, swirling fog.”

Maiden Radio’s Wolvering will be released 16 October on OK Recordings. Pre-order it here.