Photo: Shervin Lainez / Courtesy of Baby Robot Media

Mail the Horse Blend Catchy Roots Rock with Solemn Reflections on “Sweet Red Lies” (premiere)

New York roots rockers Mail the Horse still play with youthful abandon, but "Sweet Red Lies" and other songs on their eponymous LP focus inwardly on the post-party blues.

Entering their 30s, New York roots rockers Mail the Horse commit to the same youthful abandon as they have with previous releases. However, with the release of their self-titled LP just around the bend, the band’s Michael “Hess” Hesslein and Mike “Donny” Amidon find themselves focusing inwardly on the post-party blues. Expressive, clap-along rock is still the name of their game. But the way they’re approaching it has become more reflective and nuanced over time.

“Sweet Red Lies” opens with a soul-fueled riff that showcases Mail the Horse’s staple wistful fire, and its gospel-tinged verses are approached with a loose, gritty spirit. Venturing into themes that reflect on cohabitation and the meticulous “dance” of budding romances, Hess interprets the nerves that come with not knowing if you are living up to your partners’ expectations. It’s a catchy, albeit pensive, rocker that reflects well on the quality of their upcoming LP.

Mail the Horse is due out on 22 November. An album release show is slated for 15 November at Brooklyn’s Union Pool.