MAJO - "Almost Christmas" (audio) (premiere)

Photo courtesy of Brave PR

The Paraguay-born, Brooklyn-based indie pop artist MAJO wraps brand new holiday music for us to enjoy in a bow.

It's that time of year yet again, and with Christmastime comes Christmas tunes. Amongst the countless new covers of holiday classics that will be flooding streaming apps throughout the season from some of our favorite artists, it's always especially heartening to see some original writing flowing in. Such is the gift that Paraguay-born, Brooklyn-based indie pop songwriter MAJO is bringing us this year.

As its name implies, "Almost Christmas" is a cheery track that reminds us of the joys commonly associated with this time of year. Upbeat, synth-oriented instrumentation is met by a breezy, easygoing vocal delivery from MAJO as she sings to a celebratory, clap-along beat. The picture that she paints with what the production brings between its aural landscaping and the tune's bright lyrics make it an easy recommendation for anyone looking for a catchy and infectiously positive new tune to roll the holidays on in.

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