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New Age Artist Manika Kaur’s “Mool Mantra” Makes for a Clear and Uplifting Message (premiere)

Manika Kaur's "Mool Mantra" features the kind of consciousness-altering positivity that we all need once in a while.

It doesn’t take long for “Mool Mantra”, a Talvin Singh-produced track off of new age artist
Manika Kaur‘s upcoming album
Sacred Words, to rise. The soft glow of synth chords quickly leads into a lightweight rhythm, elements that back Kaur‘s transcendent voice. Her devotion to the sacred Sikh musical tradition of Kirtan makes hers a truly hypnotic rendition of the piece, one rich with meaning.

“The unique composition of the Mool Mantra features a prominent beat features a prominent beat to represent the beating of the heart,” explains
Kaur, “calling out for oneness with the Eternal Light.” Here, light streams from each note in sonic waves, every iteration of the melody compelling as Kaur sings with both strength and serenity.

In taking on the task of rendering Kirtan music in her own voice, Kaur not only shows her spiritual depth, but her activist side. Kirtan songs are typically sung in religious situations by men. Kaur shows how powerful they can be coming from the heart of a woman as well. That Kaur is willing to make such a statement falls very much in line with her general life philosophy; Kaur runs a charitable organization,
Kirtan for Causes, that distributes all profits from her albums and performances to helping disadvantaged children, in addition to other ventures she supports that specifically focus on the rights and needs of women around the world.

That same sense of human interconnectedness that drives Kaur to do good also drives her expressions of musical spirituality. “The Mool Mantra is considered as the moral or the sole truth of the universe and tells how God expanded Oneself and made all of creation,” she continues. “In this way we can understand we are still a part of the One.” It makes for a clear and uplifting message, one with the kind of consciousness-altering positivity that we all need once in a while.

Sacred Words releases 11 May via Suriya Records.