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Chicago Jazz Fusion Purveyors Marbin Preview New Album With “Swamp House” (premiere)

Marbin pauses its never ending touring schedule long enough to record new album, Israeli Jazz.

Chicago’s Marbin releases its latest effort, Israeli Jazz on 16 March. Though commonly referred to as jazz fusion, the quartet’s sound hints at elements of traditional Israeli music, progressive rock and gut punching blues. “Swamp House”, culled from the new record, exemplifies these seemingly disparate elements as they move together cohesively in a singular composition.

Guitarist Dani Rabin’s highly inventive guitar playing leads the charge as he blazes a path that calls upon the wild, untamed imagination of Frank Zappa and the feel of Stevie Ray Vaughan. Danny Markovitch adds a bit of old world charm (and melody) via his saxophone lines, serving as the perfect companion/counterpart, taking the tune on a soaring, sweeping journey which suggests that Marbin can bite just as hard when it’s subtle as when it’s going full blast.

With work from the rhythm section of Jon Nadel (bass) and Blake Jiracek (drums), the group stands as one of the more remarkable acts in its idiom today. Fans of avant-rock acts such as Gutbucket, Barbez, and Screaming Headless Torsos will rejoice at the sound of Marbin.

Israeli Jazz provides a deep examination of Marbin‘s versatility and vision via “Moscow Mule”, “Arkansas Jumper” and the title tune. Israeli Jazz, out 16 March, may be ordered here.

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