Marc Almond - "Snake Charmer" (audio) (premiere)

The great singer-songwriter contributes a dazzling performance to the new Hannibal soundtrack.

Prior to the 18 December DVD release of the final season of the NBC cult series Hannibal, Lakeshore Records will release two soundtrack albums on 11 December. A highlight of Volume One is the fantastic "Snake Charmer", performed by the great Marc Almond with devilish, delicious flamboyance, which can be heard below.

"Hannibal is one of my favourite ever series, deliciously dark, stylish and innovative," Almond tells PopMatters. "Brian Reitzell's incredible soundtrack is a major part of creating its surreal, disturbing dreamlike atmosphere, so I was thrilled to be invited to sing on 'Snake Charmer'. As the music originally accompanies a scene where Mason Verger is having his face reconstructed, I wanted to channel Mason, get in his mind and under his skin (like Hannibal) and also give it the eroticism that runs through the series. I love what Brian has done with my vocal, it's a fabulous track."

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