Photo: Josh Huskin

The March Divide Goes “Spinning” With New Single (premiere)

Jared Putnam's latest is the last to be recorded for his new March Divide album, Anticipation Pops, capping things off with a breezy clap-along tune.

When setting out to write the March Divide’s newest album, Jared Putnam wanted to create a batch of songs representative of a “consistent inconsistency”—all still with their individual, often relatable themes of love and hardship, but consciously forgoing laying out any plans for the album’s overall delivery as he had with his previous three full-length pieces of work. Aptly titled Anticipation Pops, the indie rocker’s latest is set to be released on 24 August via Slow Start.

Prior to its release, Putnam is sharing his latest March Divide track with PopMatters. A feel-good tune drenched in summer nostalgia, Putnam’s vocals pop over its jangly, clap-along arrangement.

Putnam says, “This was the last song I wrote for the record, and I didn’t even write it for the record. I have a friend in El Paso that has a studio, with a two-inch tape machine. I was going to be in town, and wanted to write a song that I could go in and track in just a few quick hours, before I left town. So more than anything, I was just trying to write something simple and fun. And that’s what I did.”

“I came up with exactly what I was looking for to finish the record. Although I eventually spent more time on the production, it’s still all very organic, with acoustic guitar, cello, hand claps and percussion. It has a looseness that I don’t feel like you hear all that often anymore. I wanted to keep it fun, so I tried to approach the vocals with ‘She Don’t Use Jelly’ by Flaming Lips and ‘I Got a Girl’ by Tripping Daisy in mind. I hope ‘Spinning’ is something fun that everyone can relate to. We’re all just out here, hoping to figure ourselves out, in a world where everyone else thinks they have us figured out.”