Marike van Dijk Poaches Songwriters and Not Just Songs

Dutch-born saxophonist Marike van Dijk creates albums the way some people create stamp collections.

The Stereography Project Vol. 2
Marike van Dijk
27 April 2018

Saxophonist Marike van Dijk is a modern day songcatcher, wandering New York City for songwriters who can help contribute to her Stereography releases. The second installment features five songs from Jeff Taylor and six from Katell Keineg, two singer/songwriters who have spent a considerable deal of time honing their craft. Marike van Dijk then rounds up an army of horn and string players to augment their songs, creating a sense of variety that a straight up solo album would lack.

Neither songwriter shoots to give you instant gratification upon the first listen. Having said that, Jeff Taylor’s works are of a more straightforward variety, bringing plenty of tangible hooks and recognizable forms. Katell Keineg’s songs are far more obscure, with double-tracked vocals singing lean melodies. She and Marike van Dijk make up for it with a gliding instrumental interlude and the grandiose “At the Mermaid Parade”. The Stereography Project Vol. 2 is a mixed back for sure, but that was probably the idea all along.

RATING 6 / 10