Composer Mario Diaz de Leon Merges the Acoustic and Electronic on 'Cycle and Reveal' (album stream) (premiere)

Photo: Ebru Yildiz / Courtesy of Denovali Records

Composer Mario Diaz de Leon uses traditional classical instruments in combination with experimental electronics on his latest album Cycle and Reveal featuring four recent works. Hear it in full now.

Contemporary classical composer Mario Diaz de Leon is a forward-looking creator whose many works are varied and eclectic. Ranging from classical pieces, experimental electronic music, and even metal, Diaz de Leon is constantly reinventing his music. Cycle and Reveal, his new album for Denovali Records, is releasing today and we're giving you the chance to hear it in full.

The first side features two works written in 2017. "Sacrament" features flute, clarinet, and marimba rhythmically playing spritely arpeggiations while underpinned with gentle electronics. Meanwhile, "Labrys" features a droning bassoon interacting with sheets of electronic sound. Farther into the piece, the bassoon is unleashed in a playful manner as it moves into arpeggiations and delightful little bursts of sound.

The second side of Cycle and Reveal sports two pieces written in July 2016. "Irradiance" moves the spotlight to cello and the sound is thoroughly experimental with deep cello groans and electronic screeches. Later, the cello moves to higher notes with some arpeggiations again present. The electronics are darker, ominous, and the cello scratches become downright frightening. It's highly affecting.

The album closes with the flute, clarinet, and bassoon returning on "Mysterium", a work infused with vaguely Eastern melodies that recalls Toru Takemitsu on occasion.

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