Marmalakes Take Us to "Milwaukee" with Their New Single (premiere)

Photo courtesy Noisy Ghost PR

The sunny tune "Milwaukee" is the latest rollicking track from the folk-pop band's forthcoming debut full-length.

The driving sounds of Marmalakes' "Milwaukee" may not sound anything like a folk tune. While it's true that the rollicking, clap-along anthem has its fair share of influences more steeped in the worlds of indie pop and rock, the Austin collective generally meets somewhere between Catfish & the Bottlemen and Kuinka to make music all their own.

"Milwaukee" is, at its core, a song that veers more towards the former than the latter, being a singalong-quality earworm with sunny, crunchy electric guitar driving at its center. Midway through, they take a moment-long break before diving back into the song's final minute or so, giving the audience a built-in encore of more of the sweet sounds they started laying out from the moment it begins. So, from top to bottom, it emits an instantly capturing pop-punk vibe that is pushed forward by a matured, venerable frontman.

"Milwaukee" is one of many songs that will be featured on the band's upcoming debut full-length, Please Don't Stop. It's set to be released on Austin Town Hall come 11 May.

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